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WaBi WaBi

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WaBi is an Ethereum-based platform supporting Walimai's anti-counterfeit system. The Walimai anti-counterfeit labels link digital and physical assets through RFID Radio-frequency identification with anti-copy functionality. Consumers can authenticate the product through their phone app and are able to purchase products protected by Walimai technology with WABI. User are also rewarded with WABI tokens for for using the Walimai safe channel. WABI is an Ethereum-based ERC 20 token used in the Walimai safe channel.

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Открыть RUB72.16
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Наибольшая цена RUB76.35
Текущее количество 100,000,000 WABI
Общее Предложение 100,000,000 WABI
Рыночная капитализация RUB7,238,850,000
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