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Veritaseum Veritaseum

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Veritaseum is a smart contract-based wallet interface that allows anyone to create, enter and manage smart contracts without the need for any kind of intermediaries, middleman or centralized authority. 

Veritaseum will allow users to interact with real-world products based completely on blockchain technology and smart contracts, including P2P value trading, P2P letters of credit and DAOs. VERI tokens will allow users to interact with the Veritaseum wallet interface.

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Доля рынка 3.35%
Открыть RUB11,399.77
Наименьшая цена RUB3,554.95
Наибольшая цена RUB13,150.46
Текущее количество 100,000,000 VERI
Общее Предложение 100,000,000 VERI
Рыночная капитализация RUB1,084,170,450,000
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