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1649 криптовалюты
Общая Капитализация $9,343,039,410,174
Общий объем 24ч $310,496,405

TeslaCoin TeslaCoin

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TeslaCoin (TES) is a Scrypt based crypto coin with a thirty second block time. There are a total of 300 million coins to be mined and 172 coins per block initially, reducing by 18.56% every thirty days. There was a 3% premine for the standard bug, bounties and development fees.

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Текущее количество 77,579,388 TES
Общее Предложение 60,800,000 TES
Рыночная капитализация $23,493,104
Объем 24ч (в монетах) 0 TES
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