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1649 криптовалюты
Общая Капитализация RUB1,841,754,438,167,488
Общий объем 24ч RUB24,570,519,029


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NEO is a platform in which users can issue and trade assets. NEO has been rebranded from the original 'Antshares'. NEO tokenizes proofs of ownership of an asset and not the asset itself, thus taking into account all of the legal complications and obligations that may come with the transfer of shares, equity and assets.

NEO represent an ownership of the NEO platform and allows users to buy NEO (ANC) and to vote on protocol changes on the NEO blockchain. ANS are 100% premined and issued on the NEO's genesis block.

Веб-сайт open_in_new
Доля рынка 1.35%
Открыть RUB7,170.99
Наименьшая цена RUB6,678.97
Наибольшая цена RUB7,363.27
Текущее количество 65,000,000 NEO
Общее Предложение 100,000,000 NEO
Рыночная капитализация RUB435,603,428,000
Объем 24ч (в монетах) 0 NEO
Объем 24ч (в валюте) RUB0
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