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Общая Капитализация RUB1,841,754,438,167,488
Общий объем 24ч RUB24,570,519,029

Asia Coin Asia Coin

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Asia Coin is a Scrypt Coin with a very brief PoW phase of two weeks or 20,000 blocks. The PoW phase is scheduled to produce 40% of the hard capped limit of 360 million. The PoS phase is set for ten years with first year stake interest set at a high 100% - whcih subsequently drops to 2%. Block time is 60 seconds, difficulty retargets every block and there was no premine.

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Открыть RUB0.30
Наименьшая цена RUB0.28
Наибольшая цена RUB0.31
Текущее количество 1,329,919,971 AC
Общее Предложение 360,000,000 AC
Рыночная капитализация RUB398,311,031
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